HUA – Hualien Residences

A LEGO model of HUA will be build by ZiO Chao, Hsinwei Chi, and Kimura Hsieh.

In the description of the building, BIG states:

Hualien is a rapidly developing city located in the middle portion of Taiwan’s East coast. TLDC, a prominent land developer based in Taipei, has recently obtained license to turn what used to be an industrial and factory region into a world class beach resort. The site is located prominently along the coast and near the intersection of two river deltas. Taiwan’s spine of    ountains can be seen to the west while the coast is to the east; Hualien city is to the north.

For the masterplan, a language of green landscape stripes is used to create a mountain landscape of commercial and residential program that reflect their natural counterparts in the background. The stripes run east-west to frame the best views while also becoming an optimal shading system for Taiwan’s hot and humid tropical climate. High glare, low angle morning and evening sun is effortlessly blocked by the stripes while favorable north-south light is allowed into the units. Green roofs further mitigate heat gain and combined with the striping create a low energy masterplan.

Our layout is in modules, it can be separated to 14 sections and doze of baseplates. Our project model is close to be completed, but now we still have some detail to modify. Our model is about 145*145*40 (cm)

REN – People’s Building Shanghai

A LEGO model of REN – People’s Building Shanghai will be build by Shenghui Jiang.

In the description of the building, BIG states:

The RÉN building is a proposal for a hotel, sports and conference center for the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. The building is concieved as two buildings merging into one. The first building, emerging from the water, is devoted to the activities of the body, and houses the sports and water culture center. The second building emerging from land, is devoted to the spirit and enlightenment, and houses the conference center and meeting facilities. The two buildings meet in a 1000 room hotel, a building for living. The building becomes the chinese sign for “The People”,  and a recognizable landmark for the World Expo in China.

Made with “LEGO Digital Designer” [LDD]

The history of construction:

I chose REN because it will be located in China. REN is a very abstract building represented by Chinese character ‘人’, which means people. Since Chinese character normally has smooth curves so that I have use white hinges to manually make it a smooth curve. White color is mostly used on the top of the building while the transparent one is used on the side which faces the river. The transparent side is full of office windows and has a great view from the inside building. This building has not yet been built but it will definitely a very iconic building in Shanghai.
Shenghui Jiang

BHS – Honeycomb Building

Anne Mette Vestergård (a 49-year-old LEGO Fan from Denmark) has built this model.

Anne Mette is from Denmark and has never been in Bahamas and never seen the building at Albany Marina Residences. However, she was very fascinated by the pools on each balcony. “It must be a dream to have you own pool in you apartment, and at same time you are relaxing in the pool have a fantastic view over the ocean.”


The honeycomb structure and all the glass was a challenge to transform to a LEGO Building. When you build with trans-clear LEGO bricks, it is very visible to see the joints between the different bricks and plates. Looking at the drawings for the building, it looks like there was vertical joints in the reel glass facades but no horizontal. Because of that, Anne Mette decided to use 1x2x5 trans-clear bricks as the basis for the big glass facades, to avoid to many horizontal joints. This decision determined the scale of the building to 1:75, which did not fit to normal minifigures.

Building in this scale the building is more than one meter long, and it seems ok to choose to build the honeycomb structure up by plates. It makes it very visible that the building is built of LEGO bricks but it was already visible by the glass, and seems to fit well together.

The figures

When building in scale 1:75 a standard minifigures are too big and especially to wide. The figures normally made for scale 1:100 as seen in Lasse´s LEGO model of LEGO House is too small. Therefore, Anne Mette decided to create her own figure. Reusing the minifig head and hair but creating a thinner and shorter body for it.

Anne Mette made two versions, a standing one and a sitting one.

The design of furniture

When building figures to the balconies they also need furniture. At the same time, the glass facades made it possible to look into the building. It should not look empty, but at the same time, Anne Mette did not want to build fully furnished apartments and use colors that took too much attention from the building and the shape of the building. Therefore, the furniture is white and light bluish grey as the building and built in a scale fitting to the figures.

FAER – The building

A LEGO model of The Faroe Islands Education Centre will be build by Helgi Toftegaard.

In the description of the building, BIG states:

The new Education Centre in Marknagil is situated on a hillside on the outskirts of Torshavn, to serve as a base for coordination and future development of all educational programmes in the region. As the largest educational building project in the country’s history, the institution combines Faroe Islands Gymnasium, Torshavns Technical College and Business College of Faroe Islands in one building, housing 1200 students and 300 teachers.

Located on a hillside, 100 m above the sea level with a panoramic view overlooking the sea, mountains and harbor of Torshavn, the project is designed as a vortex, radiating out towards its surroundings while at the same time focusing in on the school’s inner landscape for learning the lessons of life. Each institution is organized as a school in a school with ideal conditions for each, while creating a sense of community for learning and life. The generous surroundings provide unique opportunities to shape the school from the inside out ‐ as a functional sculpture formed by the schools internal needs.

Each school will function independently comprising the space it requires with room to grow in the future. Additionally by combining the three schools under one roof they will create the synergetic effect of a vertical campus. At the school’s heart is an open rotunda space, creating a natural gathering point across floor levels and academic interests. A stepped interior reflects the undulating Faroese landscape with its alternating plateaus,stairwells and terraces serving different social and academic activities.

More information can be found here: FAER on BIG website

LEGO House

LEGO House in Billund built in scale 1:100.

The model is built by Lasse Vestergård (a 22 years old LEGO fan from Denmark).  He visited LEGO House in Billund for the first time in August. In September, he began building the LEGO model. 3 months later, the LEGO model was finish. Lasse decided to use the same colors as in official LEGO House LEGO Architecture set no. 21037.