BHS – Honeycomb Building

Anne Mette Vestergård (a 49-year-old LEGO Fan from Denmark) has built this model.

Anne Mette is from Denmark and has never been in Bahamas and never seen the building at Albany Marina Residences. However, she was very fascinated by the pools on each balcony. “It must be a dream to have you own pool in you apartment, and at same time you are relaxing in the pool have a fantastic view over the ocean.”


The honeycomb structure and all the glass was a challenge to transform to a LEGO Building. When you build with trans-clear LEGO bricks, it is very visible to see the joints between the different bricks and plates. Looking at the drawings for the building, it looks like there was vertical joints in the reel glass facades but no horizontal. Because of that, Anne Mette decided to use 1x2x5 trans-clear bricks as the basis for the big glass facades, to avoid to many horizontal joints. This decision determined the scale of the building to 1:75, which did not fit to normal minifigures.

Building in this scale the building is more than one meter long, and it seems ok to choose to build the honeycomb structure up by plates. It makes it very visible that the building is built of LEGO bricks but it was already visible by the glass, and seems to fit well together.

The figures

When building in scale 1:75 a standard minifigures are too big and especially to wide. The figures normally made for scale 1:100 as seen in Lasse´s LEGO model of LEGO House is too small. Therefore, Anne Mette decided to create her own figure. Reusing the minifig head and hair but creating a thinner and shorter body for it.

Anne Mette made two versions, a standing one and a sitting one.

The design of furniture

When building figures to the balconies they also need furniture. At the same time, the glass facades made it possible to look into the building. It should not look empty, but at the same time, Anne Mette did not want to build fully furnished apartments and use colors that took too much attention from the building and the shape of the building. Therefore, the furniture is white and light bluish grey as the building and built in a scale fitting to the figures.