Microscale BIG builds 02

PANDA-Panda House

Panda House is the home for giant pandas Mao Sun and Xing Er in Copenhagen Zoo. This is divided into two separate areas which appear as a yin and yang symbol, creating the freest and most naturalistic possible environment for the giant pandas.

The micro panda house is built with 540 lego bricks. I started with the round enclosure, to have an idea of the global scale of the model. When starting a new model, I always define the scale while building it, depensding on the dimension of the bricks I use; that’s why each model has its own scale. The challenging part here was to combine the circular shape with the rectangular base.

MTN-The Mountain

Mountain Dwellings is a building located in the Ørestad district of Copenhagen, consisting of apartments above a multi-story car park, merging the two functions into a symbiotic relationship.

I did two versions of the Mountain: the first one turned out too big, so I decided to start again with a smaller apartment module even if the final one is a bit less accurate, but I think pretty succesful in that scale.

Front view
Top view

8-8 Tallet

8 House is a large mixed-use development built in the southern perimeter of the new suburb of Ørestad in Copenhagen.

The 8 tallet was very challenging as well, as it’s really hard to get various angles using only lego bricks, but also due to the complexity of the existing build. Using the wall corner 1x1x1 lego element for the balconies is quite successful in this model.

Top view
Side view

Microscale BIG builds

Inspired by the lego FORMGIVING exhibition at DAC and since I work as a Design Assistant at BIG Copenhagen I got the idea of recreating some BIG builds in microscale. Being a big fan of micro lego builds this was a real pleasure to build them. So let me show you my first three lego recreations.

ARC-Amager Bakke

Waste-to-energy plant topped with a ski slope, hiking trail and climbing wall in Amager, Copenhagen.

This model has been created in a total of two days. I mostly work on Lego Digital Designer to design my models. This helps me to create fast lego models, whitout having any constraints. For the building technique I got inspired by the lego build of Helgi Toftegaard for the Danish Pavilion (Expo 2010), using the the 1×2 Liftarm lego element connected together.


Via 57 West is a residential building, a hybrid between the European perimeter block and a traditional Manhattan highrise, combining compactness and efficiency.

This model was really challenging due to it’s complex shapes, difficult to reproduce with lego bricks. After different tests, I choose to split the surface into 9 slices which allows me to get an accurate shape while keeping the build small.

CON-Urban Rigger

Urban Rigger involves stacking shipping containers on a floating platform to create student housing, docked in the harbour of Copenhagen

This is probably one of my favorite build so far. The challenging part on this wasdue to its small size and the level of detail on the surface.

Exploded view-axonometric